Rent Storage at Your House

Rent Storage at Your House

Why Rent Storage at Your House?

There are several reason why you should rent out the extra space at your house. The benefits of the sharing economy.

  • It makes your money. Obviously, the financial benefit is one of the reasons why most rent out the extra space in their house. After all, if hey're not using it, why not?

  • It helps your neighbors. You neighbors won't have to deal with the contracts and rules of a facility, and they will like that.

  • It's safe. Create a plan for your space and communicate it with the renter. Let him know what types of things you don't wan't stored there. Screen people you don't want coming on to your property out.

  • Lower prices. The added number of spaces increases the competition and reduces prices. A benefit of supply-sided economics.
  • Meet cool people. The sharing economy has been largely enjoyed by entrepreneurs, educated individuals, and interesting people. You get to meet these people when you participate.

    The Sharing Economy

    • A new type of business/marketplace where neighbors collaborate to share ownership/use of items and services.
    • The are many examples of these new services like Airbnb and Uber. They share everything from bikes, cars, homes, and home tools.
    • The sharing economy is a multi-billion dollar industry

    Home Storage Sharing

    • RV spaces are a great rental which bring some home owners $175-325 per month.
    • Garage spaces are also a nice thing to share. Home owners can make $100-300/month.
    • Private rooms are another possibility. Locked and secure rooms can fetch $100-300/month.

    Make Money Renting Home Storage

    • Looking for a way to earn a little extra income without much effort? How about pulling money out of thin air or, rather, out of empty space?

      Now you can use your empty nest to help refill your sagging retirement savings (or maybe just provide a little extra pocket money every month) by renting out storage space in your garage, attic, basement, spare bedroom, or even a backyard tool shed. It's just about as easy as "point and click."

      Are you looking for a storage space for hire? or do you have extra space in your garage and looking to make some extra money? StoreWithMe has a category dedicated to warehouse storage, and it's a great place to look for spaces to rent to store your equipment or goods.

    • Garage Space Share Example

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