Why Host?

Why Host?

Renting Space in your House for your Neighbors for Storage

Renting space in your house to your neighbors for storage is a good way to boost your income. You can make money by renting out space in your loft, or driveway.

If you no longer drive or own a car, it is easier and more beneficial to you financially to rent out your garage to your neighbor who is need of it. That large empty space around the house can be converted into a storage unit or depot that you can rent out to neighbors. This doesn’t only add to our income but also allows you make friends with the locals in your area.

There are neighbors who need to rent storage spaces that can hold their household belongings between moves, having space in your home for this will be a good idea as you will add to your usual income by giving out space that you don't even need. The first thing you need to do is to take note of the potential storage spaces in the house. Some of the overlooked spaces in the house that you can put for rent for storage include:


Basements are a good place in the house to start from when trying to rent out space for your neighbors for storage. If you have that big open space below your house, that could be a storage goldmine. The biggest problems of basement are moisture so you need to figure out how to make it convenient for both you and the person you are renting it out to for storage. Once you have a basement you want to rent out, you need to figure out a way to organize it for efficient and safe storage.


Attics are another very efficient and safe space for storage in the home. If you are looking for spaces that you can rent out for storage or don’t know what to do with your attic, instead of leaving it dry, you can earn money by renting it out to your neighbor who will treasure it. Most people don’t know what their attics look like, that large space inside your roof/ceiling can serve as a storage depot. You should mind what is being stored here because of the temperature differences in most attics. Most people plan to convert their attics into bedrooms but if you don’t have enough money to do that yet, you can always rent it out for storage and save this money to use for your plan.


Garages are another very important part of the house that can fetch you money by renting the space out to neighbors for storage. It is true that the main function of a garage is to store vehicles but if after storing yours and you still have enough space left, you can put it up for hire, it will make a good storage depot. Some people own garages that are so big and sometimes it isn’t wise to give it all to protect cars when cars can withstand harsh weather. You can create your garage into storage spaces for people who need them and also make money at the same time. With so much wall and ceiling space, you have unlimited options to what you can use it for and one of the options should be for renting storage space purposes.


Before you enter into the business of renting out space in your home to neighbors for storage, you need to know what is being stored and also make them sign contract so you are not held liable for their items in the event of disaster. Once you list your space on a very reputable site, you will get bombarded by requests from neighbors looking to rent storage space. You would be surprised at how much belongings people need to store away but have no space for it in their own apartments.